Bar code Slot Reader - Visible Red and Infra Red ID Innovations Barcode Slot Reader.PDF Brochure/Specification Accessories USB Keyboard Accelerator HID Technical Reference USB Virtual COM Driver Part Numbers BarCode Slot Manual.pdf Product Manual


The ID Innovations Bar code Slot Reader is mounted in the same attractive housing as our 100mm line of Magnetic Stripe Readers and can be mounted in the same environments. This Bar code reader is available in Infra Red and Visible Red light emitting elements. This reader features support for over 20 keyboard countries, reads most popular bar codes, provides over 100 configurable options including Macro support, character conversion, character stripping, Filtering and Case conversion.  In addition this reader is based upon ID Innovations Incorporated’s True Wedge technology which provides enhanced functionality such as self cloning, keyboard configurable parameters, and auto Caps Lock detection to ensure that the data is transmitted as encoded.

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