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Magnetic Stripe Readers

Read up to 3 tracks of information when the card is swiped in either direction. They are small enough to fit into most tight spaces yet not so small to impact card readability. The unit is available in PS/2 style interface or ID Innovations MultiMode USB interface. The configurable options and versatile interfaces make ID Innovations Magnetic Stripe readers ideal for POS, Banking, Loyalty, Access Control, Student ID and other applications.

Bar Code Slot Readers

These Bar Code Slot reader represent the state of the art in keyboard wedge bar code decoding. They read the most common Bar Code symbologies and output the data in a variety of different formats. The units are available in Infra Red or Visible Red Models with PS/2 style interface or ID Innovations MultiMode USB interface. The configurable options and versatile interfaces make the ID Innovations Bar Code Slot reader ideal for your bar coded card reading applications.

Bar Code Decoders

Bar Code Decoders for Laser, CCD & Wands.  The provide exceptional first read rates even on faded or poor quality bar codes.  They are available in a variety of interfaces and have over 150 configurable options.

AnyLabel for Windows

AnyLabel provides superior desktop publishing features to speed the label design process. From the opening screen, you will see that AnyLabel takes a unique and intuitive approach to label design.  Create labels in any combination of colors, text, bar codes and graphics, using any angle of rotation.  With over 2000+ label stocks your sure to find the one for your needs.

SimKey Keyboard Simulator

SimKey gives you the ability to receive RS232 serial data and transmit it to a program as keyboard keystrokes as if the user had keyed in the data.  This method of transfer allows you to send externally collected data to SimKey and have it transfer the data to a point-of-sale, database or spreadsheet application without the need of programming.

MultiMode USB Adaptors

Optimized for Point of Sale devices, this USB adaptor implements the entire PS/2 keyboard protocol.  Unlike other adaptors, no matter how fast your point of sale device transmits data, this adaptor will keep up and not lose a single keystroke. Keyboard data can be sent as USB Keyboard, USB-Serial, USB-HID, all with this single adaptor.  The MultiMode capabilities ensure a broad range of compatibility with customer applications.

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